VIP USERS is an International Talent Agency delivering World-Class promotion and management.


VIP Users provides a full suite of customized services focused upon growing your audience and monetizing your content. Leverage the power of a dedicated and highly trained team to turbo-charge your growth today.

Brand Launch

Whether you’re an established brand looking to update your revenue channels, or a brand new start-up looking to establish channels, we have you covered with our marketing team.

Message Management

Your team of dedicated writers, trained to mimic your style who are on-hand to answer your messages across multiple platforms 24/7 so you can be sure that your audience remain loyal and monetized.

Monetization Strategies

Utilize our growth and content creation strategies. Ensure that the your content is both engaging whilst being equally effective in delivering the maximum return on your investment.

Copyright Protection

We make sure that your content is not pirated or published without your consent. We are able to issue DMCA take-down notices on your behalf as well as clean Google from infringing URLs.

Global Sponsorship

Open new revenue streams with our global network of affiliated partners who are always on the search for new exciting talent to work with on promotional campaigns for their brands.

VIP Users

Treat every user like a VIP User and see your audience grow across multiple platforms. Our highly tailored solutions are carefully created for every client so you can focus on what you enjoy!


We expertly manage and promote your online presence across multiple platforms


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